Dear clients,

my practice is currently reopened for you in compliance with the current hygiene regulations.

A current negative official rapid test result, not older than 24 hours is required to each appointment.

Appointments can be booked by email or phone.

Thank you for your understanding.


Best regards

Edelgard Klassen

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage combines deep strokes and stretches with pressure point work.

It accesses the deep layers of muscle and all the surrounding fascia.

This strong and slow massage loosens chronic tightness and shortening of the muscles and connective tissue.

A deep physical and psychic relaxation can be reached.

Body perception can also be enhanced.





This holistic bodywork serves in the preservation and prevention of health.

If you have serious or long-standing discomfort, please see your doctor.





  • feverish infection
  • infectious dermatological deseases 
  • slipped disks
  • fresh torn muscles or bruises
  • vascular illnesses
  • heart circulatory  disorder
  • anticoagulant medication  
  • lengthy cortisone medication
  • cancer
  • pregnancy in first trimester

If you are not sure whether a contraindication is given for you,  please see a doctor before a treatment. 

About me

I have been a massage therapist since 2015 and take part regularly in advanced trainings.

My education and practical training included the basics of classical massage, but my primary interest became the powerful deep tissue massage.


My interest in the human body grew after the birth of my son in 2012, leading me to rethink my occupation as a qualified boat builder.

Having done very physical work for many years, I was familiar with tension and back pain.

The switch to the other side of the massage table has not been difficult for me.


 I am particularly fascinated by the profound effect the slow and deep bodywork has on my clients, giving them a greater sense of their own bodies, enabling the release of tension.



Deep Tissue Massage 


Massages with special focus on desired areas

such as back, shoulders, neck, hips, legs,


  60 minutes*       60€

  75 minutes*       75€



Whole Body Massage 

(optional in lateral position)


  90 minutes*       85€

120 minutes*     120€


*The times given are actual treatment times.


Please allow 15 minutes more for conversation and a little rest afterwards.


  Cash only  




You are welcome to order by phone ( 0176-34487072) or you can fill in the contact form.







 New Service

Massage Compact

(Massage including time for change clothes)



      45 Minuten    40€

      60 Minuten    50€

      90 Minuten    75€



Massage for USC members

(massage incl. time for change clothes)


       30 Minuten massage  0€ only in combination with an upgrade

       45 Minuten upgrade 22€

       60 Minuten upgrade 32€ 

        90 Minuten upgrade 57€          







Working hours and places


Monday                   15:00  - 22:00      (Karl-Kunger-Str.21)

Tuesday             after consultation with me

Thursday                    8:30  - 13:30      (Ohlauerstr.10)

Friday                       14:15  - 21:00      (Ohlauerstr.10)



Edelgard Klassen

im Studio für

Yoga und Körperarbeit                                  

Karl-Kunger-Straße 21

12435 Berlin (Alt-Treptow)

Phone  0176-34487072


every thursday and friday 

massage takes place in

Praxis in der Remise


10999 Berlin 




For cancellations 24-hour advance notice is required.

Thank you for your understanding.



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